Tammy Shelton, MA, LMFT, LPCC

                           Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

                                             Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

                      Certified Gottman Therapist

                         7 Principal Program Educator

                          Bringing Baby Home Educator




Couples Counseling

Anxiety, Depression, Addiction

Anger Management

Is your Heart Empty, Soul Lonely?  Are you feeling Stressed, Anxious, Sad, Depressed?


Relationships aren’t easy, whether it’s your spouse, your partner, your parent, your child, your boss or your best friend. What you are feeling is normal, even when it feels awful. Frustration,Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger or Resentment; are all feelings that we all possess. It’s how we allow them to impact our lives that makes the difference.


Here’s what I believe, that there is true happiness within you and here are just a few ways to I can help you:


  • If your Heart is Empty, we’ll explore how to fill it with what really matters, instead of things that don’t provide real, long-term happiness.
  • If your Soul is Lonely, you’ll discover how to build and foster the friendship of your partner to live a life together of making dreams come true.
  • If it’s Stress, I’ll help you recognize it and learn ways to relax tensions.
  • If it’s Anger, we’ll find ways to align your head with your heart and find a place of peacefulness.
  • If you’re feeling Anxious, Frustrated, Sad, Depressed, I will help you find clarity and learn to be proactive in bringing about the change you are seeking. 


I am Tammy Shelton, California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Chances are I have dealt with what you are going through and have the skills it takes to help teach you how to build relationships, manage anger, stress, sadness, depression and frustration. I want to help you find the contentment that true happiness can bring you, which you deserve.